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OrthoEdge—Providing expert, modern, patient-centered orthopedic care.

You’ve been experiencing joint pain, perhaps for years, and you’ve had enough. You’re ready to find out more about the cause of your pain–as well as what you can do about it. At OrthoEdge, we’ve got answers.

Whether you’re an injured athlete or someone who just wants to be active without pain, our board-certified orthopedic specialists will tailor a treatment plan that meets your unique needs and goals. All patients are seen by a physician; we do not use ARNPs or PAs. We have little to no turnover in staff and we provide excellent patient care. We can accept almost any insurance for patient convenience.

Regain your edge. Reclaim your mobility. Live a life with less pain and more possibilities, with the help of OrthoEdge.

Office Information

Here at OrthoEdge, we see patients from northeast Florida, as well as south Georgia. We look forward to seeing you at our office on the campus of Ascension St. Vincent’s in historic Riverside.


Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.
Address 2 Shircliff Way, Suite 510 Jacksonville, FL 32204

What We Treat at OrthoEdge

Our mission at OrthoEdge is to provide our patients with the most advanced and comprehensive musculoskeletal care, utilizing the latest technologies in a safe and effective manner to restore our patients to active lifestyles. Our expertise includes sports medicine, arthroscopic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, hip replacement, knee replacement, spine surgery, elbow and shoulder surgery, general orthopedics, and acute orthopedic urgent care.

Knee Pain

Don't let knee pain keep you sidelined. We offer a range of treatments that can get you back to living your best life.

Hip Pain

Hip pain can have serious causes. We'll identify what's wrong, and offer comprehensive options for getting you on the mend.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can range from annoying to agonizing. We'll identify the cause of your pain and offer treatment options for regaining your ability to move freely.

Our Specialities

Our healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing conservative, comprehensive, and accountable care for our patients.

Joint Replacement
Restoring joint stability and function, reducing joint pain, and reclaiming quality of life.

Sports Medicine
Diagnosing and treating sports injuries, including strains, sprains, fractures, and ligament tears.

Spine Care
Treating cervical spine conditions with evidence-based care.

Expert Doctors
OrthoEdge doctors have advanced training in addressing your orthopedic needs.

Patient Care
Our helpful, friendly staff offers personal care with professionalism.

Orthopedic Emergencies
Sidelined by a sudden injury? Our physicians are on call 24-7.


Our highly skilled doctors know that joint pain can mean the difference between a life well lived, and a life barely lived. We’re dedicated to getting you back to your best self.

Dr. Richard Grimsley OrthoEdge Orthopedic Specialists Jacksonville Florida ortho edge fl

Richard Grimsley, MD

Dr. Stanton Longenecker OrthoEdge Orthopedic Specialists Jacksonville Florida ortho edge fl

Stanton Longenecker, MD

Dr. Wilbert Pino OrthoEdge Orthopedic Specialists Jacksonville Florida ortho edge fl

Will Pino, MD


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What OrthoEdge patients have to say...

At OrthoEdge we are committed to providing cutting-edge, compassionate care that alleviates the pain associated with myriad orthopedic conditions.

“Dr. Adams and his team treated my seven-year-old sons displaced forearm fracture. Fantastic bedside manner and a excellent fund of knowledge put my wife, self, and most importantly my son at ease. So much so that my son now wants to be a orthopedic surgeon. Further, despite extremely short notice Dr. Adams and his team were able to get my son a waterproof cast so he could enjoy his upcoming Disney cruise. I would recommend Dr. Adams at OrthoEdge to anyone in need of orthopedic care.”

Colin M.

“Outstanding surgeon, patient focused. OrthoEdge is on the cutting edge (pun). We take all our family’s orthopedic problems to Stan.”

Bill B.

“Dr. Pino performed surgery on my ankle for an unstable fracture. He did an excellent job and I would highly recommend him. The OrthoEdge office staff was very helpful and it was so nice to have the surgery and follow up so close to home.”

“I received two hip replacements (about a year apart) several years ago from Dr. Grimsley. The results were truly outstanding and allowed me to return to an active schedule playing tennis four times a week. The second surgery was so successful that I never used or needed crutches or a walker after returning from the hospital 2 days following surgery. I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone but I was able to return to hitting easy tennis balls two months after surgery. Dr. Grimsley is a highly skilled surgeon with a very honest and practical approach to joint replacement. Don’t wait to relieve your hip pain, make your own appointment at OrthoEdge!”

John Z.

“Dr. Richard Grimsley performed a total double knee replacement on my husband. He was out of the hospital in 3 days. He had no pain and was walking w/o a walker or assistance 2 days later. He did his physical therapy religiously as Dr. Grimsley had recommended and directed. My husband’s surgery and success was due directly to having Dr. Grimsley perform his surgery and the excellent care he received prior to and after his surgery. Dr. Richard Grimsley is the best when it comes to replacing either knees or hips. That is his specialty and he is a masterful surgeon. His bedside manner is beyond reproach and he is a kind, considerate, and the utmost of professionals. He also replaced my neighbor’s knees at our recommendation and he had the same success story. If you are considering yourself or know someone you love that needs hip or knee replacement, there is no one better than Dr. Richard Grimsley at OrthoEdge in Jacksonville. He is the best!!!

Joint replacement is about having the confidence in your doctor, and there is none better than Dr. Richard Grimsley.”

Jille L.